Teaching old technology new tricks

We connected an AS400 Mainframe to a Mobile App and helped Red Ball Oxygen's Sales team go faster

Red Ball Oxygen used our mobile expertise to go faster

We reduced his sales training from hours to minutes with a simple mobile app

Red Ball Oxygen previously invested a lot of capital and man-hours into their AS400 Mainframe system. It tracked every aspect of their business and placed their inventory at their fingertips. The only problem? It was limited to green screen access. That meant paper processes, data transfers, and complex solutions like remote desktop access - something difficult to for a mobile sales team. They needed the capability to access customer data on the fly, such as when meeting with customers.
Twin Engine Labs stepped up to the plate. While we would have loved to start fresh on his platform, the capital costs in getting to feature parity, plus new training on yet another system would prove costly. Instead, we proposed a mobile app that connected directly to the system. A simple API procedure and a bridge into the database of the mainframe allowed us to open up queries in real-time, so that a mobile app could populate with up-to-date information per request. 

"Over a 700% ROI from training costs saved." - Bob Ewing, President

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