A Custom Netflix for a Niche Audience

Twin Engine Labs designed, engineered, and deployed a Netflix-type video streaming service in the cloud

Living Scriptures' uses all of our capabilities to do more

Design, Cloud deployments, Video Streaming, Mobile app development, and API development

Living Scriptures had an amazingly good business selling to a niche customer (Latter Day Saints), but they started to wonder when things would shift from DVD to streaming. New sales channels could be forged if Living Scriptures International created a streaming product for mobile, and new ways of keeping customers coming back would create new potential revenues.
We helped build the API and cloud platform that allowed LSI staff to upload DVDs and meta data to our servers, be transcoded in the cloud, and beamed down to the customers on a plethora of devices: iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and more. We've integrated deeply with their company which allows them to continue operations without disruption as they continue upgrading their technology stack and hiring and managing new members for their team.

"Twin Engine Labs has helped us in so many ways." - Matt Brown, CTO

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