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Our Work

No matter if you are just starting your company or if you've been in business for 20 years, we help you execute. Every product or strategic initiative requires a fresh look, insight, and deep understanding of the execution required to bring it to life. We are the only agency that can bring full transparency to that process by focusing our efforts on outcomes instead of bags of features and scope documents.

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Expand Your Vision. Reveal Your World. Explore with Lynxus.

Lynxus' founding team approached Twin Engine Labs to build a beautiful iOS mobile app for their big idea. Lynxus allows citizen reporters to respond to demand generated requests for real time streaming video. To match such a big idea, we worked with Lynxus to build the design, and implement the full infrastructure backing the app. Utilizing Ruby on Rails for the API, Digital Ocean as our cloud provider, and a beautiful app to give users access to the platform, we built an app that feels and performs the way only a native app can.


LSI Streaming

Teaching Values and Changing Lives

As Living Scriptures' business model of DVD sales continued to grow, many of their customers wanted the ability to stream on all of their favorite devices, all the time. Twin Engine Labs created the design and implemented the web and mobile apps that allowed for a brand new business model. We used Amazon EC2, Ruby on Rails, Wowza, and S3 to build the perfect solution for Living Scriptures' customers, allowing them to scale up and down based on demand.


Red Ball Oxygen

Your Salesforce: Productive Everywhere

Red Ball Oxygen approached Twin Engine Labs with an impossible challenge for a mobile app. They wanted us to interface with the brain backing their entire business. No problem, we said! One small catch: That brain was an AS400, an architecture that had now been dated for nearly 15 years. No problem! We partnered with a local firm, ECS, to build a killer integration and Rails API. We then connected our easy to use mobile design and app to that backend to allow real-time order processing, real-time inventory levels, and real-time customer reporting for every sales and customer facing employee at Red Ball Oxygen, allowing them to service customers faster and on the go.


Our Team

At Twin Engine Labs we believe in utilizing best practices to help entrepreneurs build lean startups. The lean startup methodology allows us to walk entrepreneurs through the build-measure-learn feedback loop. We can quickly take their products from concept to MVP to product-market fit with the knowledge that the product has market validation and is something customers will actually use. Our methods make entrepreneurs’ products more successful and more likely to gain traction and market share.

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